Jacqueline Cummings

Associate, Investment Counsel Services

Portrait of Jacqueline Cummings

Jacqueline has acquired over 10 years of experience in the Investment Industry and possesses over 20 years of Customer Service Experience. Jacqueline joined Manulife Private Wealth as an Analyst for the Investment Counsel Team. She has quickly become a main point of contact for Manulife Investment Counsellors across Canada, advisors, their affiliates and high-net-worth clients.

Prior to joining Manulife, Jacqueline was a Portfolio Service Administrator at a major financial institution providing high-level ongoing support to Managing Directors, Principal Financial Advisors, Senior Associates while maintaining client relationships in the Private Wealth sector.

Jacqueline also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduating from Ryerson University.

Jacqueline exhibits a strong passion and love for the gym and welcomes tough endurance challenges that test her physical and mental limits. When she is not at the gym, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Patrick, and her daughter, Malia.

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