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You need professional support to guide you in goal-based investing which can yield more positive investing results. This client-centric approach puts you at the centre of the plan.

  • You will talk with a professional who will work with you to understand your:
    • personal situation
    • financial goals 
    • short term needs 
    • long term objectives including estate planning and philanthropic aspirations
  • Together, we then attribute a risk level and time horizon to each goal and build the best possible risk-adjusted portfolios to help you reach your objectives
  • You’ll have personalized distinct portfolios, managed and reported on separately, to help you meet each individual goal

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Traditional versus Goals-Based Investing

Most people have more than one goal, our clients typically have multiple portfolios – one portfolio for each goal. Working with a dedicated Investment Counsellor at Manulife Private Wealth, you will receive the benefits of professional money management, personalized strategies and regular oversight.

Your portfolio will be created with best-in-class institutional solutions. Your team of Investment Counsellors at Manulife Private Wealth are licensed professionals who provide personalized solutions for your unique needs and goals. You will benefit from the same disciplined investment process that pension plans use, as well as the experience Manulife has in managing its own balance sheet.

Can we help you reach your goals?

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Your goals are as unique as you are, which is why your investment strategy needs to be unique. Investing in today’s world requires a team, global reach, and strict discipline. Our Investment Counsellors are among the best in Canada. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that your money is managed through a rigorous process of checks and balances including the expertise of: 

  • Manulife’s portfolio solutions group (PSG) 
  • Manulife’s investment management services (IMS) 
  • The Manulife Private Wealth investment committee

You want an approach that includes institutional equity and fixed income solutions along with investment strategies tailored for your

  • unique situation
  • financial goal
  • time frames
  • risk tolerance

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  • To provide forward-looking asset allocation recommendations we leverage the recognized institutional capabilities of Manulife Asset Management, and its Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG).
  • Investment managers are chosen by your Manulife Private Wealth Investment Counsellor, together with Manulife’s Investment Management Services (IMS) team, to deliver on the asset allocation recommendations made by PSG.
  • The investment managers, their performance, and the broader market conditions are continually reviewed to ensure that the investment managers are delivering as expected. 
  • Manulife Private Wealth also monitors the performance of each portfolio and regularly re-balances them to ensure they are on track to meet each goal.

  • Manulife’s portfolio solutions group (PSG)

    PSG has developed proprietary asset allocation models for Manulife Private Wealth. The same framework and methodology used to manage Manulife’s own balance sheet is provided to third party institutional clients and to individual Canadians through Manulife Private Wealth.

    Manulife’s investment management services (IMS)

    The IMS team is staffed by an experienced group of analysts. They research, select, and analyze, and oversee each investment manager on Manulife Private Wealth’s platform on a continual basis based on stringent requirements for investment management and understanding your needs as well as the investment landscape.

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Manulife Private Wealth’s investment management platform consists of Separated Managed Accounts, Institutional Pooled Funds and Private Investments.

What are Separately Managed Accounts1(SMA)?

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are a flexible solution across a wide variety of asset classes managed by some of the leading institutional money managers in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. In a SMA, an investor directly owns a portfolio of stocks and/or bonds that has been constructed by a professional investment manager and is managed on a discretionary basis. SMAs offer the following benefits:

  • Individual Security Ownership – Not units of a mutual fund
  • Transparency – No hidden fees and fees are tax deductible for most clients
  • Tax Efficiency – Through active management of individual securities

What are institutional pooled funds?

Pooled funds are professionally managed investment funds tailored to high net worth investors, typically requiring higher minimums than retail mutual funds. Fees are usually significantly lower and are more tax efficient than retail mutual funds.

What are private investments2?

Clients with larger investment portfolios are able to access a selection of our institutional investment vehicles that invest in private asset classes (e.g. commercial real estate, agriculture, timber, etc.). These vehicles are 

  • available periodically, 
  • have higher minimum entry levels ($500K and more) 
  • have longer investment periods (invested assets are typically locked-in for five to 10 years) 

These options are generally suitable for clients with larger portfolios and longer time horizons. Investors must be willing to accept the higher risk and lack of liquidity associated with such investments. As an added benefit, Manulife Private Wealth clients typically invest alongside Manulife Financial in these strategies.

1Manulife Asset Management and third-party investment managers

2Investments are subject to restrictions and availability

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