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Backed by a tradition of excellence

When you choose Manulife, you join an innovative wealth management with:

  • roots dating back over 100 years in Canada and a heritage of prudent financial management since 1887
  • a history of leadership in the global financial services industry which includes being part of Canadian history with Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, also having been Manulife’s first president

Established expertise

Manulife Asset Management (MAM) is the investment arm of Manulife and is one of the largest asset management firms in the world, it has:

  • an experienced and global team of investment professionals 
  • deep local market knowledge in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia 
  • over 400 investment professionals employed across the globe
  • management of over CAD $359 BB of third party pension and institutional clients’ money
  • management of CAD $75.7 BB of Manulife’s own balance sheet

Open architecture and exclusive solutions

Achieving financial goals in today’s environment requires a different approach and different solutions. That is why Manulife Private Wealth’s unique goals-based approach to investing is complemented with leading institutional money managers, both MAM and leading third party firms from around the globe, many who are exclusive to us. Manulife Private Wealth has:

  • offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City
  • exclusive partnership with Louisbourg, Aristotle and C World Wide
  • built on a reputation of being there for clients
  • consistently provided clients with right financial solutions for every stage of their life

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