Investment management 

At Manulife Private Wealth, we measure our success based on our ability to help our clients reach their goals.

A portfolio designed around you

Your goals are as unique as you are, which is why we craft a unique investment strategy just for you. You need professional support to guide you in goals-based investing, which aims to yield positive results over your entire investing experience.


You'll talk with an investment counsellor who will work with you to understand your personal situation, financial goals, short-term needs, and long-term objectives, including estate planning and philanthropic aspirations.


Together, we then attribute a risk level and time horizon to each goal and build portfolios aimed at achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns to help you reach your financial objectives.


You'll have personalized portfolios benefitting from the same disciplined investment process followed by pension plans, managed and reported on separately to help you meet each individual goal.

Traditional versus goals-based investing

Our clients typically have multiple goals and, therefore, multiple portfolios. Working with a dedicated investment counsellor at Manulife Private Wealth, you'll receive the benefits of professional money management, personalized strategies, and regular oversight.

Traditional approach

Image compares a traditional portfolio approach with a goals based investing approach. The traditional approach uses an asset mix of 50% equity and 50% fixed income.

The traditional approach is a static investment mix, with no clear investment objective. With a goals-based asset mix, progress can be monitored, increasing the likelihood of staying on track to reach your objective.

Goals-based approach

Image compares a traditional portfolio approach with a goals based investing approach. The goals based approach shows three separate portfolios for three separate goals. The retirement portfolio has an asset mix of 50% equity and 50% fixed income. The cottage portfolio has an asset mix of 70% equity and 30% fixed income, and the family portfolio is 100% invested in equity.

For illustrative purposes only.


Your dedicated investment counsellor will look to use carefully selected institutional equity and fixed-income solutions along with investment strategies tailored to your unique situation, financial goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance.

Investment counsellor

A dedicated investment counsellor who truly understands your goals and is committed to helping reach them

Portfolio reviews

Regular portfolio reviews, working with you to ensure we're on track to meet your goals

Simplified consolidated reporting

Simplified consolidated reporting at the household level for a full snapshot of how you're doing

Performance tracking

Reports and performance tracking against individual goals at an overall portfolio level

Online client portal

A secure online client portal with access to current balance, transaction history, portfolio performance, and consolidated reports

Global institutional money managers

Access to global institutional money managers and solutions


To provide forward-looking asset allocation recommendations, we leverage the recognized institutional capabilities of Manulife Investment Management and its multi-asset solutions team (MAST). Investment managers are chosen by your Manulife Private Wealth investment counsellor (MPWIC), together with Manulife's internal global manager research team (GMR), to deliver on the asset allocation recommendations made by the MAST.

The expertise of the MAST, GMR, and MPWIC combines to provide a rigorous process of checks and balances for the management of your money. 

Multi-asset solutions team

The MAST has developed proprietary asset allocation models for Manulife Private Wealth. These models leverage the same framework and methodology Manulife uses to manage its own balance sheet. Historically available only to third-party institutional clients, this sophisticated investment process is now available to High-Net-Worth Canadians through Manulife Private Wealth.

Global manager research team

The GMR is responsible for reviewing and recommending a platform of quality investment managers. The GMR undertakes careful research and analysis of both the investment landscape and the needs of Manulife’s Private Wealth clients.

The GMR is staffed by an experienced group of investment analysts. The team selects, analyzes, and oversees each investment manager on Manulife Private Wealth’s platform on a continual basis to ensure they meet Manulife’s stringent requirements.

Manulife’s Private Wealth Investment Committee

With expertise in asset allocation models and investment manager selection, (MPWIC) works closely with the MAST and GMR to deliver discretionary investment counselling services tailored to meet your needs. Using Manulife’s disciplined investment process, MPWIC implements the strategies you’ve agreed on and provides guidance to your investment counsellor in allocating your wealth across asset classes, geographies, and markets.


Manulife Private Wealth's investment platform consists of separated managed accounts, institutional pooled funds, and private investments.

What are Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)?

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) are a flexible solution for high-net-worth Canadians. With an SMA, you invest directly in a portfolio of stocks and/or bonds carefully selected by a professional investment manager according to specific criteria determined by Manulife’s investment management process. Your portfolio is monitored and rebalanced on a discretionary basis by Manulife Private Wealth. We offer SMAs from global institutional money managers in Canada, the United States, and Europe across a wide variety of asset classes.

Individual security ownership

You invest directly in individual securities, not units of a mutual fund.


There are no hidden fees and in many cases, management fees may be tax deductible.

Tax efficiency

Active management of individual securities allows for the strategic planning of taxable dispositions.

Pooled funds are professionally managed investment funds tailored to high-net-worth investors. While they typically require a higher minimum investment than retail mutual funds, the fees can be significantly lower and they are often more tax-efficient.

Clients with larger investment portfolios have access to a selection of institutional investment vehicles that invest in private asset classes, such as commercial real estate, agriculture and timber. These vehicles are:

  • available only periodically
  • have higher minimum entry levels (CAD $500K and above)1
  • require longer investment periods (invested assets are typically locked in for 5 to 10 years)

1 Investments subject to restrictions and availability. Investors must be willing to accept the higher risk and lack of liquidity associated with such investments.

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